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 About us

Halal Gift Box was born out of the realisation that there were very few halal gift options on the market. After spending hours looking for good and affordable Eid gifts for friends and family, I decided to try and compile my own halal gift boxes. It took a few months of research, preparation and product testing, until I was ready to share my idea of Halal Gift Box with the world. 

The feedback on the idea has been great so far and I look forward to making Halal Gift Box the leader in gift boxes for Muslims!  

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Our vision

The vision for Halal Gift Box is simple - to be the leader in providing high-quality gift boxes to halal-conscious Muslims. 

We're working on introducing gift boxes for the whole family, in addition to our current box for Muslim women. 

In the near future we will start offering a wide variety of gift boxes for various audiences and occasions. One of our top priorities is providing our customers with the opportunity to customise their gift boxes, choosing products of their choice to suit the recipient and the budget. 

We look forward to continuing the Halal Gift Box journey - and we'd love for you to be part of it! 


Enjoy life's little luxuries - the halal way!

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