Pamper Me halal gift box for her is the perfect way to pamper yourself

July sees the launch of our newest box in the Halal Gift Box For Her collection to pamper yourself or a loved one. 

Pamper Me is the perfect way to pamper yourself! 

It's a beautiful halal gift box for her. Have the peace of mind knowing all products in the halal gift box for her are carefully selected and tested by us.

I personally love the box. 

It contains a beautifully patterned hijab (£17) by the Islamic Design House. And the option to select from 6 beautiful colours make it one of the most versatile in our Halal Gift Box for Her collection. 

patterned hijab in halal gift box for her

The Pamper Me box complements the beautiful patterned scarf with a botanical scented aromatic candle (£6) and a cruelty-free halal certified lip glaze (£11) to add the touch of makeup.

The aromatic candle is unlike anything you have.

They are of a beautiful scent and sourced ethically from Shifa Aromas, whose fragrances are elegantly crafted with the finest fragrances and essential oils, infused with natural flowers, woods and resins. 

Have you ever smelt a candle and felt you wanted to eat it? I hope it's not just me :) The candle in the Pamper Me box is EXACTLY of that calibre.

aromatic candle in the halal gift box for her

Halal certified, cruelty-free makeup

And the halal-certified lip glaze comes from our lovely friends at PHB Ethical Beauty. PHB is a pioneering British family business with a revolutionary range of award-winning ethical beauty products. They're home to the world's largest range of Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Halal Certified beauty products. 

These lovely goodies retail at a total price of £34 + shipping.

Halal gift box for her only £20 now

However, we have worked hard to bring you the amazing Pamper Me box with a patterned hijab, a lip-glaze, and an aromatic candle for only £20 (including shipping)

It's a highly recommended box in our Halal Gift Box for Her collection. Buy this amazing Pamper Me box now for yourself or a loved one.

BUY NOW for £20